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Wed, 07 Sep 2016

Many people think that the styling process is most important in creating beautiful hair, but he opposite is true. How you treat your hair during the basic care phases is key to determining how great it will look after you style it. The products and tools you use and how you use them, as well as self care, all play a role.

Go inside out. Start with what you put into your body as well as what you expose it to. Great eating habits will contribute to great hair. If you put healthy foods like plenty of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables into your body, then you will feel and look better. Hair included. When it comes to avoidances, keep stress and toxins like cigarette smoke and chemicals as far...


Who We Are: Organic Beauty Now is your source for quality organic beauty products. We feature Eco Princess Organics kids makeup products Ecoprincess focuses on keeping your child's playtime free of dangerous chemicals. We also carry our own organic brand Pure Glam Performance. Pure Glam is THE best source for products that will maintain your natural beauty. We carry natural hair productsorganic shampoonatural bath and body products, and more. We also bring you the best natural beauty tips to keep you looking your best. Organic Beauty Now uses only the best organic and natural beauty product ingredients.