Green and Glam

So many reasons to LOVE coconut oil for your hair (and the rest of you too)

September 22nd, 2014

Coconut oil is seriously hydrating for dry locks.

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth. Who doesent want that?

Coconut oil adds shine and lustre.

Coconut oil promotes a healthy scalp, including fighting dandruff.

Coconut oil helps prevent breakage and split ends.

green&glam’s replenishing serum is one of our best products, largely made of coconut oil, not silicones, like many serums out there. Beware! Our product is light, it hydrates and provides shine and instantly absorbs. Loved by all who try!

What is silicone?

August 9th, 2014

Silicone is one of those words consumers hear all the time and most are clear that it is not a good ingredient. So what is silicone?

As defined by Wikipedia. Silicones are inert, synthetic compounds with a variety of forms and uses. Typically heat-resistant and rubber-like, they are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications, cooking utensils, and insulation.


It’s a product a lot of companies use in both their shampoos and conditioners. It seals off the hair and coats it, making your hair look smooth and frizz free… for a while.
Silicone coats the hair, which means none of the products you use will actually penetrate the hair. Hot oil treatments and deep conditioners won’t work well with silicone in your hair. You CAN’T wash out silicone. It is not water soluble. So every-time you wash your hair, more and more just builds up. Eventually your hair just gets flat, and dull, and gross.  At green&glam, we opt for artichoke leaf oil that penetrates the hair and actually strengthens it. Silicone just coats it.

Volumizing Shampoo, $26.99. We aren’t the only ones who love it, our shampoo was voted best of 2013 by Beauty with a Conscience Award. Give it a try….we know you will love how your hair looks, silicone free!

Ecoprincess Nail Polish Featured on Toddler Trails

July 1st, 2014

Our Ecoprincess Nail Polish set was featured on Toddler Trails! Toddler Trails is a blog that covers all things beauty, lifestyle and parenting. It’s a very popular blog for moms and definitely worth a look. Check out the entire article here: Girls Nail Polish.

“My princess just LOVES getting all decked out with makeup, glitter and nail polish. I like to let her get all dressed up for special occassions like her recitals.  However, I have a sneaky suspicion that it isn’t really good for her. Besides, my makeup is for me.  Because of my skin allergies and bacteria, I just don’t like to share.  Which is why EcoPrincess Organics are perfect for her.”

Quick tip to get that sexy, just off beach look……..without even stepping in the sand

June 30th, 2014

This wavy, tousled look comes easier to those with naturally wavy hair, however can be created with the right products for those gals with straight hair.

At green&glam we believe in creating beautiful hair, naturally. That also includes a low maintenance routine. And as we all know, nothing dries your hair faster than hair dryers, curling irons and chemically based products.

Try this fast and easy way to a great beach look. No work necessary!

After washing your hair at night. Towel dry gently. Spray on our Waves Sea Spray. If desired dry hair halfway. Even better. Air dry. Just before going to sleep, wrap hair in tight bun at nape of neck. Secure with a scrunchy. Rubber bands tend to leave marks.

In the morning, voila! Beautiful, beachy hair, hassle free and all naturally!

International Beauty Show – Las Vegas

June 24th, 2014

The Green and Glam booth at the IBS Show

We spent some time at the International Beauty Show (IBS) in Las Vegas this past week and couldn’t be more energized! We spent some time networking and learning about what’s happening and trending in the industry. Organic Beauty Now is so happy to be a part of the natural and organic movement and to be supplying our Green & Glam line to those who are looking for products without chemicals. Check out the photo of our booth at the show!

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Three Tips To Healthier Hair

March 28th, 2014

While we all know the basics of maintaining healthy hair is shampooing and conditioning regularly. We love our new Voluminizing Shampoo made from a base of artichoke leaf oil. Combined with red algae and essential oils it delivers brilliance and shine. You will also find that your hair will stay cleaner longer. What more could a girl want? What are other things important to keeping our locks lush, hydrated and shiny?

Don’t shampoo daily
We recommend only washing hair a maximum of three times a week to avoid stripping the hair of natural oils, which can lead to dryness, damage, and breakage. Simply rinse well with water and condition the ends between shampoos. Try our Daily Conditioner or Intensive Moisturizer.

Add an oil or serum to your routine.
There are a thousand reasons hair gets dry, ranging from color treatments, heat tools and exposure to sun. Adding an oil or serum will help guarantee that your hair is well nourished and properly conditioned. Try green&glam’s Replenishing Serum. Jojoba and coconut oil moisturize, de frizz and repair hair. Used on its own or add to conditioner or other styling products. Try applying to ends before bedtime. You’ll love your hair the next day. We promise!

Weekly hair mask
Add a once-a-week hair mask ritual to your routine. We love our Hair Repairing Mask! Jojoba and essential oils deliver deep conditioning and restorative benefits improving hydration, manageability, and shine. For extra dry locks, use our mask twice a week.

Importance of non-toxic products for your children

October 18th, 2013

When it comes to great health, what you put on your little one can be just as important as what goes in. In other words, staying mindful of nutrition alone isn’t enough; it’s also crucial to make conscious choices when it comes to shampoo, skincare, and other beauty products.

Why exactly are chemicals so bad?

Children are more vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals than adults. With their immune systems and central nervous system still developing, their bodies aren’t as capable of eliminating toxins. Not to mention they’ve got roughly double the skin surface of adults per unit of body weight. Decrease their absorption from day one by stocking up on toxic-free products.

Our pick: pretty play make-up from Ecoprincess.

Here, two of our must-haves:

Princess Rosy Pink Glitter – Sparkle plenty with a dose of this make-up grade glitter. Perfect for birthday parties and Halloween.

Pink Tutu Water Based Polish – Dress up digits with this chemical-free, water-based polish. Bonus: it’s virtually odor-less.

green&glam Intensive Moisturizer

June 14th, 2013
Summertime can be especially harsh on hair (hey, beach days). Try our green&glam Intensive Moisturizer to smooth things out. Organic babassu oil nourishes and softens the hair while the blend of essential oils work together to create healthy, shiny hair.
Here, our two fun favorite ways to use:

* Out of shaving cream? No problem. Just smooth on a few pumps of this conditioner and resume your regular shaving program. Legs will be left smooth and silky.

* Planning some serious tub time? Comb our conditioner through hair and leave on for the duration of your bath. The heat from your soak will help to lock moisture in.

Smooth legs AND hydrated hair….we LOVE multi tasking products!

green&glam shampoo

June 4th, 2013

You flirt with fragrance, are nuts about nail art, yet the one beauty staple in your routine that never changes? Shampoo.  Scratching your head for a solution? We’ve got the answer: our new green & glam shampoo.

Housed in a super chic bottle (that begs to be displayed) packaging alone is already an instant upgrade to your typical hair wash. Our formula features organic olive leaf extract with an anti-oxidant boost.

Results to expect:

a)      a) Promotes hair growth

b)      b) Leaves locks super shiny and soft

c)       c) Has a delicious scent that’s not overpowering or cloying

This summer, we’re wild about washing with it after a jam-packed day outside. Plait locks post-shower for simply pretty waves that won’t even require any additional styling product.


May 30th, 2013

Calendula, named by the ancient Romans is from the plant family asteraceae. Calendula is a native of the Mediterranean area and is now grown in temperate parts of the world.

Historically, calendula was used to treat bee stings, scorpion bites and any sort of skin problem, by simply picking the flower and rubbing on the affected area.

Calendula has many healing properties. Since it stimulates blood flow to the skin, calendula creates suppleness. It is also an anti-inflammatory and a bactericide that works wonders on skin problems.

Calendula is largely found in face creams and lotions because of its regenerative ability to smooth skin.

We love our Calendula shea butter rejuvenating face cream. An every day face cream that will leave your face feeling hydrated and soft. Give it a try!

Now on sale 20% off. Use code cal20.