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4 Easy Hairstyle Trends to Try for Fall!

Autumn calls for easy, breezy effortless styles with a bit more of a grown up look. It’s super easy to create some new looks with not much effort, and this Fall, hair trends are certainly pointing towards just that! We’re seeing lots of loose braided hair trends showing up lately with plenty of different fresh takes on this classic staple that delivers pure effortless, natural style – perfect for Fall!

Read on for 4 easy fall hairstyle grown up hairstyle trends you can create in just minutes!

1. The Crown Braid

The crown braid is a classic that always looks great and goes perfectly for any event this fall.

How to Get it:

Create loose waves by placing your wet hair, sprayed with Waves Sea Spray in a loose bun on top of the head the night before. Begin your french braid on the side, continuing around the crown of the head adding in small pieces as you go until you get to the other ear. Before sealing with a hair elastic, pull the braid apart loosely by pancaking it for a loose look. Tuck the end behind the ear with bobby pins.

2. The Half Up Top Knot

How to Get It:

Let hair air dry. Add in Styling Cream for soft, flowy texture. Loosely gather hair on top of the head in a loose bun. Secure with elastic and place bobby pins around the side to keep bun in place.

3. The Super Loose Side Fish Tail Braid

How to Get It:

Start with air dried hair, that was sprayed when damp with Waves Sea Spray. Pull hair into a side ponytail. Divide ponytail into two equal sections. Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail. Pull a piece across the top of the left ponytail over to the right ponytail. Do the same on the right and continue down the hair until you get about half way down. Place an elastic at the end. Then loosely pancake and pull the braid apart so that it becomes big and billowy. Secure a piece of hair around the base to cover the elastic.

4. The Side Braid Pony

How to Get It:

Straighten hair and finger comb with Styling Cream. Add Volume Root Powder at the crown to help give hair a quick lift. Finger comb hair back into a pony at the nape of the neck. Leave out a thick chunk of hair on the side. French braid hair down and towards the pony by adding pieces from the front. Leave out a few face framing pieces. Pancake the braid by pulling it apart for a loose look. Secure in pony and wrap with hair to cover elastic. You can also switch up this look by securing braid into a loose bun instead of a pony.

Hair styling doesn’t have to be an added stress for the upcoming holiday season! Keep looks simple and easy by adding chic loose braids to classic ponytails, buns and more, and you’re hair will stay right on trend as the weather starts to cool! What looks are you enjoying this season? Do tell!!!!:)

Happy pure glaming!

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