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5 Easy Hairstyles to Create on 3 Day Old Hair & The Perfect Product To Help You Get It!

I’m the queen of beauty hacks that save time and effort, so it’s no wonder dry shampoo is one of my best friends! If you haven’t used dry shampoo, and instead wash your daily or every other day, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy! Not to mention, washing too frequently is hard on your hair!

I started using dry shampoo a few years back and at first It was a struggle to find a good one. It was a new product on the market that not a whole lot of research had gone into and brands were still trying to figure it out and the best formula to give hair good texture and volume, while soaking up extra oil that weighs hair down, making it look greasy, and well… like you haven’t washed it for a few days!

What I love about Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo is that it does an amazing job of soaking up oil while leaving my hair with some beautiful texture AND volume.

While the go to for many “old” hair days, is often a slicked back ponytail or chignon, with the use of Pure Glam Dry shampoo, you’re absolutely not limited to the ponytail or bun, when you decide to go 3 or even 4 days with out a wash. Yes it can be done and Yes this awesome smelling dry shampoo will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean too, so no one will even know you haven’t washed in a few days.

1. Long, with minimal styling.

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

2. The Half Up do

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

3. The Non-slicked back Pony Tail

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

4. The Loose Top Knot

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

5. The Loose French Twist

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

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Happy Styling!

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