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5 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Weeks Worth of Chic Summer Looks

Summertime calls for easy style and your hair is no exception! Why spend hours in the bathroom getting ready, when a more laid-back hairstyle is totally more fitting for the scorching heat? Read on for some great styles that are incredibly easy, and have that cool
easy-going summer vibe, each taking only minutes to do!

Score some super easy beautiful tool-free, summer-style hairstyles with these looks below!

1. An Easy Braid – Side braids, braids down the back, fishtail braids, french braids – The possibilities are endless and you can easily do a different braid each day of the week! Here is a fun take on the traditional braid:

A Chic Horizontal French Braid with Chignon:

How to get the look: Start on the right side gathering hair in the center of the head. Start a braid from the right going left, pulling in new pieces as you go for that french-braid look. Bobby pin along to keep hair tight and in place! Finish by twisting the hair into a
cute bun on the left side behind the ear.

2. A Classic Chignon. The chignon does not have to just be straight back on the middle of your head. Vary it up by placing it in a big bun on top, a small slicked back bun on the bottom or a loose beautiful chignon on the side below the ear.

Vary up the classic bun/chignon look by tying different types of knots, Vary up the classic bun/chignon look by tying different types of knots, pulling some pieces over and around and tucking in at the bottom. Do not  be afraid to get creative here and use some fun hair pieces! Chopsticks look great and so does a beautiful barrette or jeweled hair comb tucked right under the chignon.

3. A Chic Ponytail:
Like the braids, so many different ponytails can be styled to vary up your look daily, even while keeping your look simple! Low ponys, mid ponys, high ponys. Slicked back sexy ponys, or loose, curly, voluminous ponys. A classic pony is always in style and works great on dirty hair days too! Just be sure to use some Dry Shampoo first to give some new life to your hair before styling! Pure Glam’s Award Winning Dry Shampoo is just the trick when you want to add a bit of texture.

4. Easy Waves.
It’s so easy to get a beautiful, natural laid-back – I just got back from the beach – wavy summer hairstyle. Let hair air dry out of the shower, scrunch in some Pure Glam Waves Sea Salt Spray and you are good to go!  It’s that easy and that time-saving!

5. Work One of Your Previous Looks to Make Your Second Day Hair Look. Remember that sideways braid I did earlier? I pulled it out before bed, tied up in a loose bun on the top of my head, and woke to these beautiful curls the next morning! Yep, this look required absolutely no extra styling! You could use Pure Glam Styling Cream to set the look. The hydrating styling aid provides soft and flexible hold to any look that you want.

Happy Green Glaming!

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