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5 Simple Hair Tips for Surviving Summer Humidity

Summer is in full force, which means many of you are probably dealing with the unwanted humidity, and of course – the dreaded frizz!

When it comes to dealing with humidity, It’s all about keeping your hair moisturized and protected. Read on for some simple and effective tips to help you do just that!

1. Limit the washing. Try Pure Glam’s Dry Shampoo on days your super dirty hair has taken over. Otherwise, wait it out by wearing your hair in updo’s or a braid – which are also great for helping to protect the hair from humidity. *Bonus- hair off the neck keeps you cooler!

2. On days you do wash, rinse hair with cold water to help seal the ends – which will help keep humidity out. Use a microfiber towel to dry and blot hair, don’t rub. Also, don’t wrap your hair up on top of your head as this can cause damage and breakage to hair. Instead, blot gently and wrap the¬†towel loosely around the ends at the neck.

3. Dry hair completely before leaving the house. Ever notice what happens to wet hair when you walk out into the full force of a humid, hot summer day? Frizz galore! Skip the hot tools for the season but don’t skip the blow dry! Dry from the roots down, and be sure to blast hair on the cool setting before putting the blow dryer down. Like rinsing hair with cold water after washing, blasting hair with cold air after blow drying will help seal the cuticles and protect humidity from creeping up on your tresses!

4. Try Pure Glam’s Replenishing Serum after styling to help lock in added moisture. These products also work great to combat and tame the frizz you’re already dealing with! Keep some in your handbag while on the go for quick touch ups!

5. Spending the day at the beach? Don’t forget to protect hair by spraying liberally with a leave in conditioner. A good one will set you up for an extra good hair day the following day, by leaving hair feeling super soft and smooth – and frizz-free too!

Humidity doesn’t have to be your worst enemy. Just remember to give your hair a little extra TLC and protection this summer, and the stress of humidity and frizz will quickly become a thing of the past!

Happy Green Glaming!

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