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6 Tips to Revive Summer Hair for Fall

Summer can wreak havoc on hair. The wind, the salt, the sand, the heat, the sun, can all dry out ends and leave hair looking and feeling more straw-like than soft, smooth and healthy. To get hair back to its original healthy state in time for fall, read on for some must-have fall hair pampering tips to get your locks back into shape pronto!

1. Limit washing as much as possible to help hydrate hair. Use a dry shampoo when possible to keep hair clean without drying out your ends even more. Limit washing to 2-3 times a week.

2. Load up on the Conditioner. Always use conditioner after getting hair wet and pre-condition before heading out to the beach or the pool! Conditioner helps protect hair from the environment, while also locking in moisture and keeping hair hydrated so you can get those soft, smooth waves back pronto! Pure Glam Intensive Moisture does just the trick.

3. Deep condition at least once a week. Leave Pure Glam Hair Repair in over night after washing hair, rinse in the morning and style as usual. You will be amazed with how well a deep conditioner used over night really softens and smooths out hair and leaves it looking and feeling so much healthier almost instantly!

4. Use Coconut oil mixed with your styling product. When styling hair, add some super nourishing and hydrating coconut oil to your styling product (it can be used with everything from pomade to gel!) Be careful though! A little goes a long way, so only apply a small dab to styling product, mix in hands, and smooth throughout hair as usual.

5. Limit heat styling tools. Heated styling tools can further dry and damage hair. Limit as much as possible until your hair is back to its normal healthy state. If you do have to use that flat iron, be sure to use a thermal heat-protectant spray before hand, and spray hair generously to seal the cuticles and keep hair protected from the heat.

6. Wear hair more naturally, or go with the classic natural beachy waves (it is still summer after all!) for an effortless, easy look that takes it easy on the hair. Use a hydrating (non-salted) sea spray to give hair some beachy texture and shine, while also providing the hair with some much-needed hair strengthening vitamins and nutrients that may have been lost over the summer. Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray is algae based, not salt based. Algae has many benefits for skin and hair, the biggest one being that it is super hydrating. No more crunchy dry waves! Yuck.

There you have it! Keep these 6 tips in mind as you enjoy the rest of your summer and you’ll have beautiful, shiny, soft and healthy hair to take you all the way into Winter! Have some other great tips? Please share!

Happy Pure Glaming!!

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