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Unwind and Relax this Holiday Season!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

We know with all of the holiday events you will attend from now until New Years, unwinding and relaxing falls to the bottom of your checklist! We want to remind you how important it is to take a little time for yourself. Wash away stress and lose yourself in the soothing and dreamy blend of lavender, marjoram, neroli and clementine that promises to bring calm and relaxation to the body and mind. Our Unwind Body Wash cleans gently, without stripping the skin’s protective oils, leaving your skin soft and supple. We are mindful in making sure to only use the purest of ingredients so that this wash can be used for all skin types. We encourage you to pour into a warm bath or massage on to body in the shower. Rinse thoroughly and follow with a generous application of our Unwind Shea Body Butter. Makes you want to bump up personal pampering on your checklist doesn’t it?!

Take your glam on the GO!

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

The season for holiday parties, travel and social events is officially here! We want to ensure that you take your glamours look everywhere you go. For a very limited time Organic Beauty has created a Glam on the Go set that travels with you. This pure glam travel set is for all hair types and has exactly what you need for extraordinary hair, wherever this holiday season may take you. This Set contains: 2oz volume shampoo, 2oz intensive moisturizer, 2oz replenishing serum. These bottles are safe with FAA regulations for travel and easy to pack. We want you to look your best always! Happy Holidays!

Revisiting essential oils

Friday, July 31st, 2015

While we’ve discussed the basics of essential oils in our past posts, we at Organic Beauty Now feel so strongly about the healthful benefits derived from essential oil properties, we love to discuss why we continue to develop our products with these ingredients. After all, anything that comes directly from plants like these oils do, must be the very best nature can offer in skin care.

The purity of essential oils comes from their concentrated liquid form, directly from the plant. Not only do plant oils contain the essence of their fragrance (hence the name “essential oil”), they encompass the aroma compounds and the healthful properties.

Oils are available from all kinds of plants, as well as all different parts of the plant including the flower, root, wood, leaf, seed, berry and peel. The oil is extracted from the plant by different methods including cold pressing, which is a mechanical extraction. Since some flowers are too delicate for the latter method, solvent extraction is often used to express their oils.

We love the use of essential oils as ingredients for our green&glam products, including the following favorites:

pink grapefruit

In addition to being completely moisturizing, these oils lend wonderfully soothing aromatherapy for mood boosts, mental clarity, congestive relief and relaxation. The best part? The oils we use in our green&glam skin and hair care products is toxin-free. We use purely sustainable and certified organic essential oils in our products. If you haven’t tried essential oil-containing products for your skin and hair care routines, green&glam is a great place to start. We pride ourselves on providing only the most simple products with the ingredients nature gives us. Check out our Bath & Body line. From soothing oils to restorative masks, you’ll find favorite oils in all of our products. Enjoy!

Protection is the best beauty trend

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

We’re in the throes of summer now, and the heat is on. While need for sunscreen is unavoidable, we’re learning more and more about the harmful effects chemicals in personal care products can have on our health. On the other hand, it’s no good to just go unprotected. We know that. What to do? We’ve compiled a few tips here to help you and yours be safeguarded during these broiling summer months, from the sun and its ever-thinning protective barrier.

Enjoy shade.
If you can’t find shade, put forth the effort to create it. Even if you’re residing at the beach or out in the open for a long period of time, you can produce some great, affordable shade. We’re lucky to have such prevalent items in this day and age to help us create shade. Try a big umbrella – hand-held or the staked kind. If you have the family in tow, 10’x10’ pole canopies are available nearly everywhere for as low as $50. Believe us, they are worth it! Don’t get caught outdoors without any kind of shade if you know you’re going to be stationary for most of the day.

Wear clothing. Accessorize.
This may sound hot and uncomfy, but it’s not – as long as you have the right fabrics. UVA/UVB protection now comes in lots of clothing, in moisture wicking material. You can find pieces in sports apparel stores and beyond. Wear a hat, and sunglasses with UVA/UVB ray protection.

Apply (what you learn, then sunscreen).
Environmental Working Group’s 2015 Guide to Sunscreens states, “Sunscreen should be your last resort.” This means to simply take all measures necessary to avoid harmful sunrays by seeking shade, covering up with clothing, and planning outdoor activities around the time of day or according to the day’s UV index. Once you’ve taken these to task, cover all exposed skin with a layer of sunscreen or SPF-containing moisturizer that has the least harmful ingredients. EWG’s site has a list of the best lotions and sunscreens that meet their criteria. Go with something from this list in order to avoid harmful chemicals that penetrate the skin, entering your bloodstream to cause harmful hormonal effects on you and your loved ones.

It’s up to you to advocate for your health and the health of your family. Don’t trust a product simply because it’s on a store shelf. Do your homework, and protect yourself as a consumer. At green&glam, we know our customers do all they can to take the very best care, while voting with the purchases they make to encourage all companies to make the shift toward producing healthier items for us to use.

Proposed legislation would improve standards

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Some hopeful news for American health and beauty product consumers just came about last month. Two senators – both female – introduced the new Personal Care Products Safety Act.

According to this long overdue proposed amendment (really, the first initiated since the 1930s), the FDA would have a say in regulating what chemicals are included in the personal care products we apply to our bodies. The 98-page bill includes a requirement that the FDA review five common personal care and beauty product chemicals per year to evaluate their safety. The senators consulted with the Environmental Working Group to establish an initial list of chemicals to be reviewed. Many of you may be familiar with the organization’s Skin Deep database that shows us what personal care and beauty products contain what harmful chemicals.

There is currently little known about the ingredients in commonly used health and beauty products in the nation. But according to Environmental Working Group, American women put an average of 168 chemicals commonly found in 12 types of products on their bodies daily. The statistics are even higher for teenagers, who on average use 17 personal care products per day.

While some chemicals could be safe to use, there has been no regulation in place for us to know for sure. Look at the ingredient lists on popular and/or incredibly advertised brand-name body moisturizers, shampoos, body washes, foundation makeup and other cosmetic products, and you’ll be in for some heavy reading. It’s more than a little disconcerting.

While the proposed bill is definitely a step in the right direction for consumer protection when it comes to the industry, the best we can do is the same as in any case when it concerns our health and well being, and that is to be responsible consumers. By researching products and the companies we buy from, as well as studies on chemicals in products, we can continually self educate and know what we’re putting on our bodies. Vote with your dollars, and purchase health and beauty products that are made with sustainable, organic ingredients.

Click here to read the proposed Personal Care Products Safety Act.

The most wonderful time of the year

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Slumber parties, birthdays and teas – oh my!

If you’re like many moms, you may have just expressed your enthusiasm with an inward groan. The thought of yet another upcoming soiree to plan in the middle of all the other activities, swim parties, camps and other summertime fun you’re required to create, as a good mom should (so say the masses), may make you want to pack up and go away for the season – alone.

Don’t dread or fret: ecoprincess can save the day – and the party! Our sweet ecoprincess line has all the treats you need to plan for your girl’s special day, whether she’s the guest of honor or simply a guest. We have what you need to gift the princess and her court.

Two of our favorites:

Our All Natural & Organic Play Makeup Set is her own purse full of two eye shadows, a blush, pink lip shimmer, light pink water-based nail polish and two applicators. All products are completely nontoxic and wash off easily with soap and water (polishes peel off with warm water, too, but we also offer All Natural Polish Remover). And at only $22.99, it’s an incredible value.

Our Party Favor set includes natural lip shimmer, pink water-based polish and body glitter for only $11.99, so princesses can dress up at the party, or apply and have fun at home!

Ecoprincess has three colorful Non-Toxic Polish sets from which to choose, as well a sundry of bath time delights for her. We offer sweet vanilla, citrus and unscented bubble baths and body lotions, as well as bath gel and shampoo and a wonderful detangling conditioner. Single bottles of our bath and hair products are available for only $11.99-$13.99 each. And every set comes in a pretty purse or reusable pink organza bag.

With so many different products to use, she’ll feel grown up like mom for just a little while. And you’ll feel great about letting her use ecoprincess products, because we love our princesses, but we love our environment, too! All our delights are formulated with certified organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. We never use synthetic fragrance, dyes, parabens or chemicals, so they’re safe for princesses and all of the land! So relax, enjoy this season, and don’t forget to pick up a little something for the queen!

Soothe & Repair Oil

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

I love oils! What better way to nourish your skin? Oils are nature’s softener, serum and moisturizer. An all-natural oil will do miracles to skin. It can completely transform a ruddy, uneven complexion. It will reduce redness and the appearance of age spots. It will unclog pores. It will provide a softening that leaves you with a glow, free of rough spots and a lessening of the look of fine lines.

I know, all this sounds like it’s from an anti-aging skin cream commercial. But you know what? There’s a clear difference between expensive anti-aging formulas that are suddenly present in every single beauty product available, from foundation primers to translucent powders, and a simple beauty oil. It is this: an oil is, well, an oil. It’s from nature, and extracted the right way, it can be all you need.

And if you use a formula with a delicious combination of oils and extracts, you can have your cake and eat it, so to speak.

Green&glam Soothe & Repair Oil offers a blend of natural, organic ingredients. Rose flower, sunflower seed, and palmarosa are some of the oils combined with extracts of rosehip seed, rosemary leaf, calendula flower, and more. We balanced the best ingredients we knew to provide a radiant and youthful glow without harmful chemicals and fragrances. Soothe & Repair can bring out the best in your skin. It’s all-natural anti-aging properties help defend against free radicals, and they plump your skin.

What else can you do with it?

You don’t have to limit Soothe & Repair use to your facial area. Any skin surface, delicate or not, can benefit from its use. Think elbows, feet and hands. While you’re there, massage just a tiny bit onto your cuticles.

Did I mention the sensory benefits of oils? Of course they feel fabulous, even indulgent, but the olfactory intake of such beautifully natural scents serve to soothe you in a way that is purely therapeutic.

All these benefits from one bottle of oil? Yes. And it’s not because we’ve added expensive or man-made ingredients that could end up being harsh on your skin. We’ve kept it simple with our nature-made blend of oils and extracts. We believe that sometimes it’s best to just let nature do its job. And we’ve blended Soothe & Repair Oil to make it easy for you to benefit from nature’s best.

The essence of essential oils

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Essential oils have gained a lot of mention online and in print over the last year or so. You may wonder if they are as natural as they sound. In fact, the essential oils themselves are completely pure. They are concentrated liquids that come directly from plants, and contain their aroma compounds. A plant’s oil contains the essence of its fragrance, which is why we call it an “essential oil”.

There are a number of methods of plant oil extraction. Distillation uses steam. Expression – you may have heard the term “cold-pressed” in descriptions of oils – is a mechanical method of extraction. And in the case of flora, solvent extraction is used when plants are too delicate or contain too little oil for expression. The components of plants that produce oils can include the flowers, roots, wood, leaves, seeds, berries and peels among others.

Why use them?

There are a variety of purposes for essential oils, depending upon their plant. Certain oils can be used in the home for cooking and cleaning. Some oils are used for fragrance and aromatherapy, helping to contribute to mental clarity and offering a mood boost. Others are excellent in providing pain relief and congestive relief, and many of these work wonders for skin softening and moisturizing. The main reason you may consider using essential oils in your home and wellness and beauty routines is that they are all-natural products. You can feel good about using completely effective oils knowing that they are very minimally processed and free of harmful chemicals. And, they so often do a better job than expensive additive-laden cleaning and beautifying products.

Despite the variety of essential oil uses, one thing we all can probably agree on is the fabulous effect it can have on our beauty routines. Toxin-free is the way to go when it comes to your health and well being. These are the reasons green&glam depends on a variety of essential oils for numerous products. We stand by our use of essential oils of sage, jasmine, rose, lavender, clementine, marjoram, pink grapefruit, coconut and more – in our bath and body, and hair care products. The oils we use are certified organic, so you can enjoy and indulge with green&glam, knowing you are doing the best you can for your health and wellness while using fabulous products.

Personal care products can affect our ecosystem

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Have you ever considered the number of health and beauty products you use on a daily basis?

How many times per day do you shower, and what products do you use each time? You also probably use a variety of lotions, serums and a number of hair care products. What about cosmetics? Think of all you apply to your face every morning. Lastly, consider the number of times you wash your face, hands, body and hair per week.

And, what about your containers? Though we certainly try, there’s no way we’re able to scrape every single bit of product out of their often vault-like packaging. So many of the industry’s bottles and containers are in no way recyclable. So, off to the trash it goes.

Where does all of the product and packaging go when we’re finished with it?

Our government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun to recognize such items – now officially titled PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products) as being detected in bodies of water all over the world. While the full effects on the environment are far from being completely understood, it is clear that they are being released into our groundwater in such quantities as to cause concern.

While we know there are ingredients in so many conventional products that are harmful to our bodies (more on that later), it’s important to know that all of these same ingredients also seep into our ecosystem. It may not seem like much if you use one product that is not free of harmful chemicals, but think of it on a collective level. If everyone uses those conventional products on a daily basis, the total amount of ingredients being released into our ecosystem is probably more than we can imagine.

Who and what lives with chemicals in our ecosystem? All living things – plants, animals (all of the living creatures in our seas) feel the effects of our product use. And then, it can and does circle back to the product users. The things we eat – fish, produce – have so many times been contaminated by the chemicals we use on our bodies.

Where does that leave us?

We are a high-consumption culture. Everyone could benefit if we would do a couple of things:

  • Simplify our routines. What can be cut out, or combined? Think of what is likely unnecessary in your beauty routine. And know that some products – or a combination of them – may do more harm than good to your purpose anyway.
  • Use natural and organic ingredients as much as you can. Again, you could be doing more harm than good to your personal care– if you are using products that are not free of chemicals.

We are here for you. Our products are free of toxic, synthetic ingredients, colors, fragrances and preservatives, and are packaged in recyclable materials. Go green & glam with us today.

For information on products and the environment, visit http://www.ewg.org.

There’s still time…

Friday, December 19th, 2014

It’s not too late to buy award-winning beauty for your holiday gift giving. Green & glam can ship your order even overnight. If you order now via standard shipping, you can still get your delivery in time for Christmas! But this is your last chance, so place your order today!

Are you still at a loss for ideas? We have lots of great gifts for you.

Lavish someone on your list with one of our unique green & glam body care products. Give the gift ofpurity and beauty in a variety of moisturizing body oils and nourishing body washes, butters or scrubs. Our four-piece Body Care Kits combine 3 luxurious green & glam products with a bath sponge, all in one set for the best value.

Gift someone with a Glam On The Go Travel Kit. This lux sampler features four of our hair product favorites: volume shampoo, intensive moisturizer, hair repair mask and replenishing serum – perfect for someone new to green & glam, or a long-time fan who can’t go anywhere without her green & glam hair care. Are you traveling this holiday? Don’t forget to order a Kit of your own!

For the guy or girl on your list, try giving our green & glam Shave Cream. This rich formula protects against razor burn and nourishes skin with its blend of organic essential oils. It’s just enough luxury to give as a standalone gift, and will make shaving a pampering experience your recipient will look forward to time and again.

Treat someone to award-winning organic beauty with our Peppermint Grapefruit Hand & Foot Repair formula of aloe vera, Ugandan shea butter and anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory Rhatany root extract. Our Hair Repair Mask, a Beauty With A Conscience 2014 winner, is the perfect indulgence for hair, and guarantees a great hair day for anyone.

For the little princess on your list, choose one of our sweet echoprincess gift sets starting at only $11.99. They’re made with nontoxic and sustainable, organic ingredients.

Remember, this is your last chance for Christmas ordering. If you’d like to let your recipient enjoy the choosing his or her own products, get gift certificates for coveted items from Organicbeautynow.com for any amount.

We hope you and yours enjoy a beautiful holiday!