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Hair color should determine your makeup

Friday, July 17th, 2015

A fun thing about makeup this season is the variety of hues and shades that are on trend. With so many options, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, however. How do you determine what is right for your coloring? Hair color should play a big role in what makeup shades you select. Here’s what we’ve seen time and again, for matching it up the right way:

No matter the shade of blonde, you’re often looking at hair that blends in with skin tone, which can make your features get lost. Therefore, it’s important to add structure to them. A muted blush color with a few shades darker than your tone, placed at the right areas, will add the perfect flush. Apply beneath cheekbones and around the jaw line to add definition.

A shot of muted color similar to your blush will work the eyes. Top with curled lashes and plenty of black mascara.

You can go shades darker with your lip color, and increase the shine with a great gloss.

Red makes a definite statement. Balance it with makeup by choosing a soft peach or pink shade of blush and lip color, with a neutral eye makeup. Apply liner and mascaras in brown or navy families for the perfect color combo.

To avoid looking washed out if you have a more fair skin tone, warm up with a soft bronzer and add definition to your eyes with plenty of neutral shades on the lids and lashes. A softer blush will balance your look.

If your hair is black, be sure you have strongly arched brows for structure. Take advantage of being able to pull off a darker brow to match your main! Same as for brunettes – if you’re fair, warm up your tone with a light bronzer. For darker skin, a little contouring will make you fabulous.

The Ombre
This trend is still going strong, so ease up on your makeup routine if you’re going with it. The same goes for highlighted locks. A light ombre pairs well with a natural look. Muted cheeks, eyes and lips will play up the color style and make you look super fresh.

Regardless of your hair and makeup colors, remember to prep by taking the best care of your skin, for a beautiful glow that radiates outward. The same goes for your hair. Green&glam products are the all-natural way to care for you and the environment.

In your nature

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

So you know we’re loving the barefaced look that’s going this season. How to get that look (the trying without looking like you’re trying)? Here are a few simple steps…

Of course you must begin with the healthiest skin possible. Start from the inside out, with your diet and exercise. You really are what you eat. Load up on brightly colored vegetables and avoid processed foods and beverages as much as possible. Drink plenty of water. Eat healthy fats – omega 3s found in fish, seeds and nuts, avocados and olive oils.

Care for your skin with products featuring all-natural, organic ingredients like those in green&glam skincare.  Wash your face well at night to remove all makeup, but do so with mild products. Also, hydrate. Our gentle Soothe & Repair Oil is the perfect daily moisturizer. Only a dab is needed. And our award-winning Hydrate Antioxidant Mask with rose flower oil for anti-aging and skin nourishment will give you a fresh, dewy glow.

Once you’ve achieved well-hydrated skin, keep the glow going with a great primer and concealer that feature anti-aging properties.

How to achieve the look with your makeup? Check out here, here and here for ideas.

There are plenty of choices within the foundation makeup arena these days: BB creams and beyond; liquid and powder makeup and everything in between; tinted moisturizers. The list goes on. Choose a shade for your skin and apply a touch, following with your preferred glow-inducing method. Contour away, or simply emphasize with a crème highlighter, hitting all the right spots – your T, plus brow bone and cheek bone areas. While you’re near your brows, remember to fill in and brush them all the way to a full look.

An application of peachy blush and shimmery neutral shadow, and you’re on your way. Finish with a dab of natural-toned lipstick or gloss.

Now, go out and live it. At Organic Beauty Now, we care about natural beauty – the kind that shines from the inside out. We love that consumers are demanding more from companies than just beauty solutions. It’s important for each of us to put our stamp on the industry by voting with our dollars by purchasing product with sustainably derived, organic ingredients. It’s good for the environment, and good for us.

Personal care products can affect our ecosystem

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Have you ever considered the number of health and beauty products you use on a daily basis?

How many times per day do you shower, and what products do you use each time? You also probably use a variety of lotions, serums and a number of hair care products. What about cosmetics? Think of all you apply to your face every morning. Lastly, consider the number of times you wash your face, hands, body and hair per week.

And, what about your containers? Though we certainly try, there’s no way we’re able to scrape every single bit of product out of their often vault-like packaging. So many of the industry’s bottles and containers are in no way recyclable. So, off to the trash it goes.

Where does all of the product and packaging go when we’re finished with it?

Our government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun to recognize such items – now officially titled PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products) as being detected in bodies of water all over the world. While the full effects on the environment are far from being completely understood, it is clear that they are being released into our groundwater in such quantities as to cause concern.

While we know there are ingredients in so many conventional products that are harmful to our bodies (more on that later), it’s important to know that all of these same ingredients also seep into our ecosystem. It may not seem like much if you use one product that is not free of harmful chemicals, but think of it on a collective level. If everyone uses those conventional products on a daily basis, the total amount of ingredients being released into our ecosystem is probably more than we can imagine.

Who and what lives with chemicals in our ecosystem? All living things – plants, animals (all of the living creatures in our seas) feel the effects of our product use. And then, it can and does circle back to the product users. The things we eat – fish, produce – have so many times been contaminated by the chemicals we use on our bodies.

Where does that leave us?

We are a high-consumption culture. Everyone could benefit if we would do a couple of things:

  • Simplify our routines. What can be cut out, or combined? Think of what is likely unnecessary in your beauty routine. And know that some products – or a combination of them – may do more harm than good to your purpose anyway.
  • Use natural and organic ingredients as much as you can. Again, you could be doing more harm than good to your personal care– if you are using products that are not free of chemicals.

We are here for you. Our products are free of toxic, synthetic ingredients, colors, fragrances and preservatives, and are packaged in recyclable materials. Go green & glam with us today.

For information on products and the environment, visit http://www.ewg.org.

green & glam gift sets galore

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Don’t stress over getting gifts for the women in your life this holiday season. Make it easy by shopping green & glam for indulgent, organic beauty at reasonable prices.

How many women are on your shopping list this year? Not to worry – no matter who’s on your list, we have you covered.  These are the ladies we at Organic Beauty Now try to remember to shop for:

Hair stylists
Party hostesses
…and don’t forget you – we know how hard you’re working to make the season special for your loved ones, so give yourself a little treat while you’re at it. You have our permission!

Here are some beauties for the beauties on our lists:

Gift sets for Big Girls

Body Care Kits in Harmonize, Inspire and Unwind – Get all three Body Care versions you’ve come to know and love. Decide who could use what, and give wonderfully pampering Body Care Kits that include Body Oil, Body Wash, Body Butter and a bath sponge in one affordable set.

Glam on the Go Travel Set

This $35 four-piece set is for a limited time. Keep your recipient green & glam with travel versions of our Volume Shampoo, Intensive Moisturizer, Hair Repair Mask and Replenishing Serum – everything she needs in one kit! This set is also great for sampling green & glam.

Little Girls’ Gifts

Enchant the little princesses on your list and their moms too, with all-natural and organic ecoprincess gift sets

All Natural & Organic Play Makeup Set

This value-driven set comes in a sweet hand-made tote purse with two eye shadows, one blush, pink lip shimmer, light pink water-based nail polish and two applicators. Only $24.99!

Body Glitter Set

This set is the perfect finishing touch for your girl. It comes with purple, hot pink and white body glitter, great for dress-up time and birthday parties! And, it’s just $11.99

Non-Toxic Polish sets

Our pallet sets of princess-worthy polish each come with three bottles of polish. Choose from Tiara, Flower, or Butterfly sets.

All-Natural & Organic Party Favor

Don’t just treat your hostess – treat her little one for her hospitality, with this sweet little organza bag filled with lip shimmer, pink water-based nail polish and body glitter.

Bath Gift Sets - Make bath time a fun time with our Gift Sets filled with varieties of luscious bubbles and bath and hair products, all with reusable totes.

Ecoprincess Nail Polish Featured on Toddler Trails

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Our Ecoprincess Nail Polish set was featured on Toddler Trails! Toddler Trails is a blog that covers all things beauty, lifestyle and parenting. It’s a very popular blog for moms and definitely worth a look. Check out the entire article here: Girls Nail Polish.

“My princess just LOVES getting all decked out with makeup, glitter and nail polish. I like to let her get all dressed up for special occassions like her recitals.  However, I have a sneaky suspicion that it isn’t really good for her. Besides, my makeup is for me.  Because of my skin allergies and bacteria, I just don’t like to share.  Which is why EcoPrincess Organics are perfect for her.”

Wedding Beauty Bag Unpacked: 3 Products You Need Now

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Cut the cake and cue the reception band – time for wedding season! Whether you’re exchanging vows, getting fitted for a bridesmaid’s dress, or just remembering to mail in your RSVPs, we’ve pulled together a few products to say “I do” to before you hit the summer wedding circuit.

Tone, Def
Want a beauty-full way to calm your nuptial nerves? We love Kimberly Sayer’s Organic Lavender Toner ($28). The formula, comprised exclusively of purified water-steamed lavender flowers, is totally free of skin irritating chemicals. Try a quick hit of this relaxing and revitalizing product before applying your bridal “face” – it’s the scentsible thing to do!

Tan Slam
Mastering the right shade of bronze as to appear gorgeously glowing without looking over-baked is an art. We can’t get enough of 100% Pure’s Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer ($25). Natural ingredients (read: cocoa, tomato, coffee, and berry) combine to create the most spot-on shade of sun-kissed.

Mint Condition
Between final fittings and attending to last minute details, squeezing in some much-desired tub time may seem as unrealistic as expecting to control the wedding day weather. To help sway you into some serious de-stressing, we suggest Priti’s Deep Rosemary and Mint Organic Bath Soak ($24). The invigorating blend soothes muscles and provides deep aromatherapy to boot.

Monday, March 26th, 2012

So Fresh and So Green: 3 New Trends to Try This Spring

Spring forward – ‘tis the season for pretty pastels, naturally gorgeous glows, and softer hues. We’ve researched the top spring beauty trends and put a gorgeously green spin on our favorite trends to try. Here, our favorite picks and the products you need to score the style.
The Look: Soft, flushed cheeks

There’s nothing green or glam about caked-on rouge, which is why we’re psyched to see a return of pretty, flushed cheeks. We’re totally crazy about [Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge](http://www.organicbeautynow.com/fruit-pigmented-rouge-blush-7.html)from 100% Pure. The pinky rogue swipes on for a quick just-went-for-a-run glow and lasts all day long. We love mixing with a touch of moisturizer for a flawless application.

The Look: Slightly Glossy Lips

Pause from last season’s bold orange hues and make the switch to a shimmering gloss this spring. [Madara’s decolips moonkissed tinting lip gloss](http://www.organicbeautynow.com/decolips-moonkissed-tinting-lip-gloss.html) is the ultimate pout plumping product. Application is sheer and provides a subtle jolt of shimmer. Try it over your favorite winter shade to de-intensify the color or apply on bare lips for a quick hit of glimmer.
The Look: Pretty, pastel nails
This spring is all about soft lavender digits. The upside of a naturally pretty manicure is that color lasts longer and is less resilient to chips and cracks. Check out Priti’s non-toxic formula in [Ballerina Peony](http://www.organicbeautynow.com/ballerina-peony.html). The color is sheer and subtle, taking you from the office to out.

Tell us: what spring trends are you looking forward to trying?

Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

2012 brings a New Year and a new list of resolutions that many of us try to keep for at least a few months. This year, choose beauty resolutions that will keep your skin looking its best! We asked some of our loyal customers to give us their best beauty resolutions for the New Year:

  • Increase your water intake. Everyone knows that water is necessary for healthy skin metabolism. By adding just a few extra glasses a day, tissues will get more of the precious fluid they need to function more properly. Your glowing skin will thank you!
  • Wear SPF Every Day! Yes rain or shine, slather on the SPF, since UVA and UVB rays cause damage every day, it is necessary to protect the skin on a daily basis. A quick way to cheat is to pick a moisturizer with natural SPF. One of our favorites is Kimberly Sayer’s Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer with SPF. This light crème applies a veil of moisture while providing essential protection from the elements.
  • Wash your face before going to bed!!! This seems to be one of the hardest resolutions to keep all year long…especially after a long day. We recommend Red Flower’s Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser. Nourishing sea plants and aloe vera soothe the skin while mushroom extract and white peat revitalize. Your skin will look forward to this daily treat!
  • Toss out that old makeup!!! Old makeup can be loaded with bacteria which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Make sure to throw out old makeup especially natural or organic eye makeup that is over 6 -12 months old. Ditch the old tube and replace it with 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara. Using only natural pigments from black tea and conditioning vitamin E, this mascara lengthens and thickens lashes using only natural ingredients.

 Did we miss any top resolutions that you have? Let us know!

Lip Service: Lip Balms

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Whether seeking protection from the sweltering sun or the ice cold winds of winter, our lips are one of the most sensitive areas on our face and need protection year round. Believe it or not, there are still people who “protect” their lips by smearing Vaseline or another petrochemicals on their lips. Yuck!!
Luckily there are some wonderful companies who make natural and organic balms that protect and actually HEAL your lips. Great lip balms contain organic vegetable and fruit waxes from orange and raspberry and natural beeswax. Extra nourishing lip balms contain moisturizing emollients like coco butter to soften the lips and give additional protection. Since lip balms do not contain water, they have a longer shelf life, do not contain preservatives and can be easily certified as organic. Here are some of our favorite balms for your precious pucker:

Rose Geranium Lip Balm by Balm Balm Organics
This is a balm that I simply can’t live without!!! Organic Sunflower and Jojoba make up the base of this incredible balm. Nourishing essential oils of calendula and rose geranium heal dry and irritated lips. The fragrant floral scent is simply divine!

Ecolips Softening Lip Balm by Madara
Rich moisturizing oils like macadamia and avocado moisturize even the most sensitive dry lips. Antioxidants and healing extracts of chamomile, seabuckthorn, and calendula soothe and soften. We love the luxurious feel of this lip balm and you will too.

Vanilla Bean Lip Balm by Badger
A decadent trip for the lips and the senses!! Made with organic olive oil, coco butter and pure Madagascar vanilla beans, this lip balm moisturizes dry and chapped lips and is good enough to eat.

Natural Instincts: Sustainability in Cosmetics

Monday, April 18th, 2011

These days, the term eco-friendly is tossed around more casually than a Frisbee these days. But, what does it REALLY mean to be green?

Meet Shea Terra and Skinnyskinny, two need-to-know companies that are truly producing products in a sustainable way. Below, we brief you on their unique philosophies, backgrounds, and why you absolutely need to add their products to your beauty closet:

SkinnySkinny, a Brooklyn based 100% carbon neutral company, is proof that beauty isn’t only skin deep. Each ingredient is thoroughly sourced, packaging is made from recycled, reclaimed, and sustainable materials, and most products are produced in-house. “In most companies, corners are cut in order to save money. We are the rarest of companies that think a responsible business needs more corners, not less,” says founder Clara Williams. Plus, the company also donates a considerable amount of proceeds to charity and non profit organizations. Currently, a portion of sales are being donated to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. http://www.organicbeautynow.com/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?manufacturer=615&price_range=&skin_types=

Shea Terra was born out of a desire to produce therapeutic products that aid in the sustainability and economic empowerment of hard working families across Africa. By introducing native healing African ingredients to the US market, the company has gathered greater awareness to preserve Natural African Habitat.