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6 Tips to Revive Summer Hair for Fall

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Summer can wreak havoc on hair. The wind, the salt, the sand, the heat, the sun, can all dry out ends and leave hair looking and feeling more straw-like than soft, smooth and healthy. To get hair back to its original healthy state in time for fall, read on for some must-have fall hair pampering tips to get your locks back into shape pronto!

1. Limit washing as much as possible to help hydrate hair. Use a dry shampoo when possible to keep hair clean without drying out your ends even more. Limit washing to 2-3 times a week.

2. Load up on the Conditioner. Always use conditioner after getting hair wet and pre-condition before heading out to the beach or the pool! Conditioner helps protect hair from the environment, while also locking in moisture and keeping hair hydrated so you can get those soft, smooth waves back pronto! Pure Glam Intensive Moisture does just the trick.

3. Deep condition at least once a week. Leave Pure Glam Hair Repair in over night after washing hair, rinse in the morning and style as usual. You will be amazed with how well a deep conditioner used over night really softens and smooths out hair and leaves it looking and feeling so much healthier almost instantly!

4. Use Coconut oil mixed with your styling product. When styling hair, add some super nourishing and hydrating coconut oil to your styling product (it can be used with everything from pomade to gel!) Be careful though! A little goes a long way, so only apply a small dab to styling product, mix in hands, and smooth throughout hair as usual.

5. Limit heat styling tools. Heated styling tools can further dry and damage hair. Limit as much as possible until your hair is back to its normal healthy state. If you do have to use that flat iron, be sure to use a thermal heat-protectant spray before hand, and spray hair generously to seal the cuticles and keep hair protected from the heat.

6. Wear hair more naturally, or go with the classic natural beachy waves (it is still summer after all!) for an effortless, easy look that takes it easy on the hair. Use a hydrating (non-salted) sea spray to give hair some beachy texture and shine, while also providing the hair with some much-needed hair strengthening vitamins and nutrients that may have been lost over the summer. Pure Glam Waves Sea Spray is algae based, not salt based. Algae has many benefits for skin and hair, the biggest one being that it is super hydrating. No more crunchy dry waves! Yuck.

There you have it! Keep these 6 tips in mind as you enjoy the rest of your summer and you’ll have beautiful, shiny, soft and healthy hair to take you all the way into Winter! Have some other great tips? Please share!

Happy Pure Glaming!!

5 Simple Hair Tips for Surviving Summer Humidity

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Summer is in full force, which means many of you are probably dealing with the unwanted humidity, and of course – the dreaded frizz!

When it comes to dealing with humidity, It’s all about keeping your hair moisturized and protected. Read on for some simple and effective tips to help you do just that!

1. Limit the washing. Try Pure Glam’s Dry Shampoo on days your super dirty hair has taken over. Otherwise, wait it out by wearing your hair in updo’s or a braid – which are also great for helping to protect the hair from humidity. *Bonus- hair off the neck keeps you cooler!

2. On days you do wash, rinse hair with cold water to help seal the ends – which will help keep humidity out. Use a microfiber towel to dry and blot hair, don’t rub. Also, don’t wrap your hair up on top of your head as this can cause damage and breakage to hair. Instead, blot gently and wrap the towel loosely around the ends at the neck.

3. Dry hair completely before leaving the house. Ever notice what happens to wet hair when you walk out into the full force of a humid, hot summer day? Frizz galore! Skip the hot tools for the season but don’t skip the blow dry! Dry from the roots down, and be sure to blast hair on the cool setting before putting the blow dryer down. Like rinsing hair with cold water after washing, blasting hair with cold air after blow drying will help seal the cuticles and protect humidity from creeping up on your tresses!

4. Try Pure Glam’s Replenishing Serum after styling to help lock in added moisture. These products also work great to combat and tame the frizz you’re already dealing with! Keep some in your handbag while on the go for quick touch ups!

5. Spending the day at the beach? Don’t forget to protect hair by spraying liberally with a leave in conditioner. A good one will set you up for an extra good hair day the following day, by leaving hair feeling super soft and smooth – and frizz-free too!

Humidity doesn’t have to be your worst enemy. Just remember to give your hair a little extra TLC and protection this summer, and the stress of humidity and frizz will quickly become a thing of the past!

Happy Green Glaming!

5 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Weeks Worth of Chic Summer Looks

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Summertime calls for easy style and your hair is no exception! Why spend hours in the bathroom getting ready, when a more laid-back hairstyle is totally more fitting for the scorching heat? Read on for some great styles that are incredibly easy, and have that cool
easy-going summer vibe, each taking only minutes to do!

Score some super easy beautiful tool-free, summer-style hairstyles with these looks below!

1. An Easy Braid – Side braids, braids down the back, fishtail braids, french braids – The possibilities are endless and you can easily do a different braid each day of the week! Here is a fun take on the traditional braid:

A Chic Horizontal French Braid with Chignon:

How to get the look: Start on the right side gathering hair in the center of the head. Start a braid from the right going left, pulling in new pieces as you go for that french-braid look. Bobby pin along to keep hair tight and in place! Finish by twisting the hair into a
cute bun on the left side behind the ear.

2. A Classic Chignon. The chignon does not have to just be straight back on the middle of your head. Vary it up by placing it in a big bun on top, a small slicked back bun on the bottom or a loose beautiful chignon on the side below the ear.

Vary up the classic bun/chignon look by tying different types of knots, Vary up the classic bun/chignon look by tying different types of knots, pulling some pieces over and around and tucking in at the bottom. Do not  be afraid to get creative here and use some fun hair pieces! Chopsticks look great and so does a beautiful barrette or jeweled hair comb tucked right under the chignon.

3. A Chic Ponytail:
Like the braids, so many different ponytails can be styled to vary up your look daily, even while keeping your look simple! Low ponys, mid ponys, high ponys. Slicked back sexy ponys, or loose, curly, voluminous ponys. A classic pony is always in style and works great on dirty hair days too! Just be sure to use some Dry Shampoo first to give some new life to your hair before styling! Pure Glam’s Award Winning Dry Shampoo is just the trick when you want to add a bit of texture.

4. Easy Waves.
It’s so easy to get a beautiful, natural laid-back – I just got back from the beach – wavy summer hairstyle. Let hair air dry out of the shower, scrunch in some Pure Glam Waves Sea Salt Spray and you are good to go!  It’s that easy and that time-saving!

5. Work One of Your Previous Looks to Make Your Second Day Hair Look. Remember that sideways braid I did earlier? I pulled it out before bed, tied up in a loose bun on the top of my head, and woke to these beautiful curls the next morning! Yep, this look required absolutely no extra styling! You could use Pure Glam Styling Cream to set the look. The hydrating styling aid provides soft and flexible hold to any look that you want.

Happy Green Glaming!

5 Hair Tips for Surviving the Summer

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Summer is here, and while many of us are getting out and enjoying the warmer weather, it’s important to remember that even just a few days in the sun spent on that tropical vacation, can create a total downhill spiral for your hair, especially when salty ocean water and sandy beaches are involved. Keep reading for some easy healthy hair tips to help protect your tresses while on your adventures this summer!

1. Use a leave-in-conditioner any time you will be outside for more than a few hours. This is an easy way to protect hair no matter what activities you will be participating in outdoors. Spray onto hair evenly and scrunch with fingers to help your hair absorb the conditioning agents. Extra points for placing your hair in a braid to help keep salt, sand, and sunshine from penetrating much of your hair.

2. Wear a hat. Especially when you’re anticipating a full day of sunshine where shade may be scarce. The bigger and wider the brim, the better! And thankfully, big sun hats are always in style, for this very reason!

3. Dampen hair before dipping into the pool. If you know you’re hair will get wet, this is an absolute must. By wetting your hair first, it helps prevent nasty, harsh pool chemicals from absorbing into the hair. Getting some swimming in for your workout? You can do one even better here, by applying a deep conditioner or hair mask to hair before putting on your swim cap. The conditioner will provide a super hydrating deep treatment while you swim! Be sure to rinse hair well after getting out of the water.

4. Treat your hair to some major TLC. Regularly apply a repair treatment. Hair is in need of some major hydration during the hot humid summer months, and a product that can work overtime by both restoring hair to its natural, healthy state, while also protecting it from the sun, is a complete lifesaver and one that should be on a frequent rotation in your beauty routine this summer. Pure Glam Hair Repair is fruit oil based and promises to hydrate and restore.

5. Spend less time washing your hair, and more time conditioning it. Shampoo can be drying and strip hair of the natural oils it needs to protect itself from the sun, humidity, salt, and sand. Try to limit your shampoos to twice a week, but always condition hair whenever it is washed. Try Pure Glam Dry Shampoo throughout the week to keep hair shiny, healthy, and clean, without stripping it of the much-needed hydration it needs to protect itself from hot weather.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Get out and enjoy summer before it’s gone! Just don’t forget to treat your hair to a little extra TLC during the next few months to keep it healthy and looking it’s best when fall finally comes back around!

Happy Green Glaming!

6 Tips to get your Hair Spring Ready!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017
Winter is on it’s way out and the days are finally getting longer. The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the sun is shining brighter and warmer with each new day. With Spring here, many of us are busy updating our patio and getting our yard in order, moving the winter clothes out of our closet and bringing in the shorts, skirts, and tank tops, and switching up our overall routine a bit to accommodate the warmer weather and Spring activities.
One part of our routine that tends to fall by the wayside, but shouldn’t, is our hair care routine. When the weather starts to warm up, some climates either become drier and some become more humid. Spring calls for an adjustment in hair products to get the most out of your hair.
tips to get your hair ready for spring
1. Get a haircut! Winter has probably done some damage to your hair and your ends are probably showing it the worst! Get a trim for a quick and easy way to immediately add some new life to hair.
2. Winter can be super drying on hair and it’s time to give your hair some much-needed moisture. Pure Glam Replenishing Serum infused with uber-moisturizing ingredients such as coconut and sunflower oils, do a great job of sealing in moisture that has been lost in the cooler months. If you live somewhere humid, this product is also really great for helping de-frizz hair, keeping it manageable, soft, sleek, and shiny too!
3.  Deep conditioning is a must! Using an overnight hair mask once a week can do wonders for the hair and will quickly give it some new life after a long cold Winter! Hair is in desperate need of repair, and treating it with deep moisturizing ingredients will help it look fuller, healthy, and more lustrous too. Switch out your regular conditioner for a Deep Intensive Moisture Conditioner if you tend to slack on the masks! As the weather warms up, begin to phase the deep conditioning out of your hair routine for summer.
4. Add coconut oil to your styling products. Coconut oil works great for adding a kick of moisture, not to mention it smells amazing and makes hair look immediately healthier, shinier and glossier too! No matter what your styling product, just mix in your hand with a small dab of coconut oil and apply to hair. Tip: Be Careful – a little coconut oil goes a LONGGGG way!
5. Use a Leave-in Conditioner when you’ll be out in the sun. Like skin, your hair can be harmed by the UV rays of the sun and can be dried out, damaged, and susceptible to breakage. Wear a big sun hat when you can, otherwise, spray on a quick leave in conditioner before leaving the house, or keep in your bag for on-the-go. Bonus: A good leave in conditioner works well as a good styling cream and can add texture, softness, and shine to hair!
6. If you’re dealing with a lot of humidity or rain where you live, use Pure Glam Dry Shampoo to extend hair washings, so your hair won’t be so susceptible to frizz. The less you wash (2-3 times a week is optimal)- the healthier your hair, but don’t skip on conditioner! Using a shampoo or products that are lightweight or contain glycerin can also help keep your hair fresh, tamed, and unaffected by the weather!

Hopefully armed with these tips, your locks will be more manageable, and looking much more lustrous, shiny, and healthier too! So you can get out and focus on your other Spring Routines – With Fabulous Hair of Course!

Happy Green Glaming!

5 Easy Hairstyles to Create on 3 Day Old Hair & The Perfect Product To Help You Get It!

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

I’m the queen of beauty hacks that save time and effort, so it’s no wonder dry shampoo is one of my best friends! If you haven’t used dry shampoo, and instead wash your daily or every other day, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy! Not to mention, washing too frequently is hard on your hair!

I started using dry shampoo a few years back and at first It was a struggle to find a good one. It was a new product on the market that not a whole lot of research had gone into and brands were still trying to figure it out and the best formula to give hair good texture and volume, while soaking up extra oil that weighs hair down, making it look greasy, and well… like you haven’t washed it for a few days!

What I love about Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo is that it does an amazing job of soaking up oil while leaving my hair with some beautiful texture AND volume.

While the go to for many “old” hair days, is often a slicked back ponytail or chignon, with the use of Pure Glam Dry shampoo, you’re absolutely not limited to the ponytail or bun, when you decide to go 3 or even 4 days with out a wash. Yes it can be done and Yes this awesome smelling dry shampoo will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean too, so no one will even know you haven’t washed in a few days.

1. Long, with minimal styling.

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

2. The Half Up do

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

3. The Non-slicked back Pony Tail

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

4. The Loose Top Knot

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

5. The Loose French Twist

Pure Glam Dry Shampoo

Interested in extending your style with Pure Glam Performance Dry Shampoo? Shop it today at OrganicBeautynow.com

Happy Styling!

So many reasons to LOVE coconut oil for your hair (and the rest of you too)

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Coconut oil is seriously hydrating for dry locks.

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth. Who doesent want that?

Coconut oil adds shine and lustre.

Coconut oil promotes a healthy scalp, including fighting dandruff.

Coconut oil helps prevent breakage and split ends.

green&glam’s replenishing serum is one of our best products, largely made of coconut oil, not silicones, like many serums out there. Beware! Our product is light, it hydrates and provides shine and instantly absorbs. Loved by all who try!

What is silicone?

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Silicone is one of those words consumers hear all the time and most are clear that it is not a good ingredient. So what is silicone?

As defined by Wikipedia. Silicones are inert, synthetic compounds with a variety of forms and uses. Typically heat-resistant and rubber-like, they are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medical applications, cooking utensils, and insulation.


It’s a product a lot of companies use in both their shampoos and conditioners. It seals off the hair and coats it, making your hair look smooth and frizz free… for a while.
Silicone coats the hair, which means none of the products you use will actually penetrate the hair. Hot oil treatments and deep conditioners won’t work well with silicone in your hair. You CAN’T wash out silicone. It is not water soluble. So every-time you wash your hair, more and more just builds up. Eventually your hair just gets flat, and dull, and gross.  At green&glam, we opt for artichoke leaf oil that penetrates the hair and actually strengthens it. Silicone just coats it.

Volumizing Shampoo, $26.99. We aren’t the only ones who love it, our shampoo was voted best of 2013 by Beauty with a Conscience Award. Give it a try….we know you will love how your hair looks, silicone free!

Quick tip to get that sexy, just off beach look……..without even stepping in the sand

Monday, June 30th, 2014

This wavy, tousled look comes easier to those with naturally wavy hair, however can be created with the right products for those gals with straight hair.

At green&glam we believe in creating beautiful hair, naturally. That also includes a low maintenance routine. And as we all know, nothing dries your hair faster than hair dryers, curling irons and chemically based products.

Try this fast and easy way to a great beach look. No work necessary!

After washing your hair at night. Towel dry gently. Spray on our Waves Sea Spray. If desired dry hair halfway. Even better. Air dry. Just before going to sleep, wrap hair in tight bun at nape of neck. Secure with a scrunchy. Rubber bands tend to leave marks.

In the morning, voila! Beautiful, beachy hair, hassle free and all naturally!

Three Tips To Healthier Hair

Friday, March 28th, 2014

While we all know the basics of maintaining healthy hair is shampooing and conditioning regularly. We love our new Voluminizing Shampoo made from a base of artichoke leaf oil. Combined with red algae and essential oils it delivers brilliance and shine. You will also find that your hair will stay cleaner longer. What more could a girl want? What are other things important to keeping our locks lush, hydrated and shiny?

Don’t shampoo daily
We recommend only washing hair a maximum of three times a week to avoid stripping the hair of natural oils, which can lead to dryness, damage, and breakage. Simply rinse well with water and condition the ends between shampoos. Try our Daily Conditioner or Intensive Moisturizer.

Add an oil or serum to your routine.
There are a thousand reasons hair gets dry, ranging from color treatments, heat tools and exposure to sun. Adding an oil or serum will help guarantee that your hair is well nourished and properly conditioned. Try green&glam’s Replenishing Serum. Jojoba and coconut oil moisturize, de frizz and repair hair. Used on its own or add to conditioner or other styling products. Try applying to ends before bedtime. You’ll love your hair the next day. We promise!

Weekly hair mask
Add a once-a-week hair mask ritual to your routine. We love our Hair Repairing Mask! Jojoba and essential oils deliver deep conditioning and restorative benefits improving hydration, manageability, and shine. For extra dry locks, use our mask twice a week.