Green and Glam

Dirt on Cleansing Clays

Does the thought of a soaking in mud, or smearing colored clays on your face typify the image of health and beauty? It should!! Clays and muds have been used for thousands of years dating back to ancient Egyptians, Romans & Greeks. It was long believed that mud and clays found in certain locations contained specific healing powers. These properties are now thought to be due to the rich mineral content and plant substances dissolved in the clay and mud sediments of certain areas. Some of these treasured clays are still considered the most therapeutic and used today:

White Clay or Kaolin clay is one of the most versatile clays and is often used in skincare due to it soft fluffy texture and gentleness. It easily draws impurities from the skin while effectively exfoliating and can be used on all skin types. White Clay can be found in SkinnySkinny Organic Rose & Black Pepper Dry Shampoo. The white clay absorbs extra oils from the hair and scalp and hair is left feeling refreshed and smelling great.

French Green Clay is a very absorbent clay and is considered to be one of the most detoxifying. The clay contains trace minerals such as silica, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, such selenium, cobalt, manganese, and silicon. In addition to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation while removing impurities. Try Kimberly Sayer’s Deep Cleansing French Clay Mask. With detoxifying montmorillonite clay and essential oils, skin will be smooth, clear, and radiant.

Red Clay- A mineral rich clay that is often called Moroccan clay, since it was originally found in the Atlas Mountains near Morocco. It contains a high mineral content therefore it acts as a good astringent and effectively unclogs pores. This clay is best suited for oily and congested skin. Miessence’s Soothing Mineral Mask contains rich red clay and soothing Chamomile extract to renew the skin surface.

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