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Getting Started in 2013

As we kick off GREEN UP YOUR MAKEUP BAG month, the first thing that must be done is clearing out the old to make room for the new. This is where things start to get fun! How do we know how long products really last? Here is an easy guide that will help you get started:

Foundation and Concealer
These items last about a year, when applied with clean brushes. If you apply directly to skin or with your fingers, that time is less.

Whether for face or eyes, powder based products have the longest life of up to 2 years.

Mascara, as we all know, is only safe to use for three months and no more. It doesen’t matter if you’ve only used it once……it’s a toss!

Cream Eye Shadow
You’ve got about six months on these shadows. After that, we recommend giving them the boot.

Pencils can last several years if sharpened before being used with a CLEAN sharpener.

Lipsticks are good for a year and no more. Glosses that come in tubes should only be kept six to eight months.

Makeup Brushes
So when was the last time that you washed your brushes? High quality brushes can last for years if well taken care of. Wash all brushes once a week with shampoo. It’s that simple.
Take a hard look at your stash and make those calls. And remember, clearing out the old, just gives room for the new. This time we want to help you make better choices. Products that are non toxic and even good for your skin! Let the greening begin!

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