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The Perfect Ponytail

The holidays are here in full swing! Last week I was getting ready for a xmas party and needed something, really anything, great to do with my hair. But having very little time in addition to having a bad hair day, I decided to go with a ponytail, a classic, yet fun look. But I didn’t want just an average ponytail, it had to be special. So with the help of a friend, I was able to pull it off.

Here is the recipe.

I sprayed a voluminizing spray on my dry hair, mostly at the roots to create a bit of stiffness that I could work with. Remember, I’m a complete novice when it comes to styling my hair! I recommend using Voluminizing Spray by Intelligent Nutrients. Its easy to use and a little goes a long way.

Next, I was advised to tease my hair at the crown. This was a first for me and was a lot easier than I thought. Lifting up three inch sections behind the top of my head, I used a fine toothed comb to comb down (tease) the undersection of the hair. I then sprayed these pieces with Perfect Hold Hairspray by Intelligent Nutrients

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